Best 55 Gallon Fish Tanks You Can Buy Right Now


Are you a lover of fish? Do you have an aquarium at your home? Well, if you have an aquarium, it is important that the size is ideal because your aquarium should be spacious and good to look at. A big aquarium means, it should be clean and dirt free, otherwise, the fish won’t survive inside. Buying an aquarium is easy but buying the ideal size is not.

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If the size of the aquarium is 55 Gallon then the length, breadth and height would be 48” x 13” x 21” with an empty weight of around 70-80 lbs and filled weight of around 600-650 lbs, in each aquarium.

Here is a list of some of the best 55 Gallon Fish Tanks that you can get at a reasonable cost.

Top Rated 55 Gallon Fish Tanks –

Carolina Special, Marine Aquarium Kit of 55 Gallon


This set is shipped as well as sold by Carolina Biological Company. The product is designed in such a way that it includes stands, you also get the marine animal set, fish set and the booklet from Carolina. If you want to have live materials, you can use the coupon that is given with the set. The product is guaranteed by the company and in case you have any problem with it, you are always free to call them.

Bio Wheel 55 Gallon Kit with LED light


Then there is another 55 gallon kit that is best for its LED lighting system. This features a special hood system and a LED light that will keep the insides of the aquarium visibly clear. There are 3 switches that you may use to operate. The 55 gallon glass aquarium has fluorescent lighting, a special cartridge and a filter. There is a submersible heater of 200 watt, a fish net, an inbuilt thermometer, samples of food and water and a set up kit. This unit does require a reliable fish tank stand though, as all those extra features add into the weight department. Don’t worry with the LED lighting because if you keep the hood open, the light will not get affected anyway.

Acrylic Hexagon Aquarium of 55 Gallon (Clear)

acrylic hexagon 55 gallon fish tank

Then there is this wonderful aquarium for you. This hexagon aquarium is so beautiful that you can watch your fish from any angle you may like. As it maintains the footprint, it gives a different depth to the set. You may use this aquarium for freshwater environments or saltwater animals or reef animals. As the surface is acrylic, fishes and marine plants and animals of different colours seem to get enhanced and the aquarium set becomes worthy a watch. Acrylic aquariums are best suited and are mostly bought now-a-days because they are 50% brighter, 20% stronger and 40% lighter than glass– easy to carry and easy to hold too!

Aquarium Tank Glass of 55 Gallon

55 gallon glass aquarium

If you want to be simple with the look then a large aquarium of 55 gallons is enough. This aquarium has triple strength in its sides and the bottom portion. The glass is welded with silicon rubber and is totally leak proof. This glass aquarium does not react with seawater and the top frame has a recessed cover. It is long lasting and gives a strong hold to the water inside. Your fishes can have space and water will look clear. As this is large enough, you can ask experts to set it up properly.

Acrylic Rectangle Aquarium of 55 Gallons

55 gallon acrylic rectangle aquarium

The rectangular shape of this aquarium gives it an elegant look and appears large from outside. It also adds a specific depth with the footprint and allows marine animals from saltwater, freshwater and reef to wander around in the space. With the Acrylic cover, fishes of different colour and the marine plants seem to brighten up.

All Glass Aquarium AAG10055 Tank, 55-Gallon


Made totally of glass, this fish tank can be a showpiece for your drawing room. This item is made in such a way that it can stay up to any application. With wide range of sizes and shapes, these aquariums come in Oak trim styles as well as Black. The space inside is large enough for your fishes to swim around.  A very ordinary looking piece but a very beautiful to look at, this aquarium will give a different dimension to your interiors as you place the crystal clear water inside.

Comes in combo offer with HDE LCD Digital Fish Tank Aquarium Thermometer and PENN PLAX standard airline tubing air pump, you will just love them.

Acrylic Rectangle Aquarium 60 Gallon Blue

Acrylic Aquariums are always my favourite. It is a classic rectangle shaped aquarium which maintains depth in the footprint. You can use it for seawater, reef marine animals and also freshwater marines. With 50% brighter, 20% stronger, 40% lighter than glass features, this aquarium is almost always out of stock! You can ask for combo offers and free gifts from the suppliers too. There are a whole lot of discounts available for Acrylic Aquariums and if you are lucky, you might as well get a discount too!

Wrapping Up

All these aquariums are best 55-60 gallon fish tanks mostly sold online. If you’re not sure that you need such large fish tanks, you can choose smaller, 10 gallon alternatives instead. Or, if you’re looking for more eye-candy than these standard rectangular aquariums offer, you can take a look at some bow front aquariums. There are also fish tanks made specifically for certain fishes, like Bettas. So, if you’re looking to house specific fishes in your aquarium, make sure you check some of those tanks that are exclusively made for those kinds of fishes.

People are buying these because they come cheap and often you get discounts on this too. Not only that, the online stores will recommend you experts who will go to your house and help in setting up the aquarium in a place from where it will be visible to all. While buying the set, you need to look at a few things:

  • Check whether the glass is perfect before you buy it.
  • Make a list of what fishes and marine animals you want to put inside.
  • Don’t make the aquarium crowdy because that will make it difficult for the fishes to roam around freely.
  • Keep the insides clean and change the water whenever needed.
  • Make sure the 55 gallon set has an in-built filter inside and buy an aquarium stand with it.
  • Lighten the insides of your aquarium to make it more visible and clear.
  • Buy a kit which will describe how to look after the set.

You can also clear the doubt with the online dealers who supply these aquariums. They will recommend you what are the added things to be bought alongwith the aquarium. Always use gloves while you are dealing with the insides of the aquarium. If you are not happy with the product, the online stores promise you 100% money back guarantee too! so rush now and buy the best aquarium!

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