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Why I Always Support Other Aquarium Hobbyists

Written by Melissa Phillips When I go out looking to purchase certain fish the first place I think of is to go to a fish store (local of course).  That is probably everyone’s first thought.  The second would be to look online.  Lately however I have been a

Variety is the Spice of Life – Especially in Aquarium Food

Written by Robert Salhaney And that is why I feed my fish several different kinds of foods.  They get 2 different flake foods, 4 different pelleted foods and 3 different frozen foods, marine algae on a clip as well as live brine shrimp every now and then.  I

My Experience Dealing with Freshwater Fishes for 30+ Years

Posted by Robert Salhaney Allow me to introduce myself:  I have been keeping fish for most of 37 years.  I have never owned saltwater fish – though have said “Some day”.  However, I have kept most every kind of freshwater.  I prefer the Cichlids.  Right now I have